Mission Statement

We are team Crazy Watermelon, we were approached with concept of sustainability and asked to complete a project between Monday 27th through Friday the 31st. Our group after a quick brainstorm compromised on the idea of developing a UDK based interactive experience. For players to explore “The Crazy Watermelon” restaurant. We designed the level with several different themes in mind. The first theme involved ¬†incorporating eco-friendly green technology, including the “BLEST” machine and several other water recyclable technologies. The second theme was creating a building that harnessed the power of the sun. Using solar panels mounted on the roof and umbrellas. The Crazy Watermelon restaurant is completely self sustainable, catching and then reusing all rain water collected from storms to first water the gardens that frame the restaurant but then re-filtering the water for re-use within the restaurant itself.

Team Crazy Watermelon’s goal is to create a interactive player experience where players can both enjoy exploring and learning about sustainable technologies, while staying informative to the player.


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